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How Often Should I Have my Eyes Tested?

An eye examination is really important and don’t forget we are not just checking how well you can see and if you need glasses. A large part of the examination is checking the health of your eyes and lots can be determined about your general health. Of course, we also want to make sure you have the best vision possible to keep you safe on the roads and enjoying life to the full. Everyone should have their eyes examined at least every 2 years but for some people this interval needs to be shorter. Your optometrist will advise you when your next exam is due and then we will contact you in good time to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Why would I need an exam every 6 months or year?

What's the Difference Between a Bifocal and a Varifocal?

If you are under 40 these words may mean nothing to you and if you are over 40 may be words you have heard people (especially us optician types!) using – but what are they? A bifocal is simply a lens that has 2 (bi) focusing distances (focal). The distances are usually made up as long distance and reading distance although there are many variations. This allows the wearer to see for far away tasks such as driving, television or for some people just essential for getting around. This will be the top part of the lens. The bottom part, called a segment, will allow the wearer to see to read, write, sew etc. because it is a different power. Bifocals are not always for distance and near. An o

Why am I Constantly Cleaning my Glasses

There are a number of contributing factors why you may be constantly cleaning your glasses. Fitting of your glasses If your glasses aren't fitting correctly, then you are more likely to be touching and adjusting your frame. If your glasses are fitting too close to your face, then your eyelashes may be touching the lenses which will cause them to mark and smudge. If you don't feel as though your glasses are fitting you correctly, you are more than welcome to call in and see one of our Dispensing Opticians who will make sure your glasses are fitting correctly and comfortably. Handling of your glasses How well do you look after your glasses? Some people will treat them with the upmost care,

Do I Have to Have Big Frames for my Varifocals?

We very often get asked this question as with a varifocal lens we do have a number of things to consider, for example your occupation or hobbies. The most important thing is the frame fit. As varifocals are a custom lens that are tailored to your individual needs, this means that there are lots of variations that we can use to select the best varifocal for you in order to provide the best possible vision. When varifocals were first manufactured in the late fifties, customisation was limited, however as technology & manufacturing has advanced so have lens designs - allowing us to have more control over lens design to personalise the varifocal to your specific needs. This gives the wearer a f

Staying Safe In The Snow

Après-ciating the dangers of snowblindness! The ski season has arrived and the count down until you can put on your skis or jump onto your b

What is a Cataract?

A cataract can be described as a cloudiness or opacity within the lens of the eye. The lens sits inside the eye, behind the coloured part known as the iris. It is made of crystalline fibres and is responsible for approximately 1/3 of the eye’s focusing ability. When we are born, the lens is very clear and elastic, it is this elasticity that allows children and young people to focus easily. As we age and approach 40, the lens loses some of its elasticity, this is known as presbyopia, and is the reason adults start to require reading spectacles. It also starts to lose some of its clarity, this happens as the fibres within the lens become more densely packed together. By approximately 65, most

You're Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Glasses

Choosing the right pair of glasses is not always the easiest job. One of the most frequently asked questions we get in practice is ‘what shape of frame will best suit my face?’. It’s a really important decision and one you may have to live with for the next two years so it’s worth taking time to make sure your glasses look fantastic… after all your face is the first thing everyone sees. Choosing a frame that compliments your looks rather than masking them is the most important consideration when selecting your new spectacles. We have put together a simple guide which will, hopefully, make the task a little easier. Round A circular face with full cheeks and a round chin. A round shaped face t

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